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Efficient End of Tenancy CleaningTips
24 October 2014
Efficient End of Tenancy CleaningTipsThe house that has been your home for the past year, or however long you signed the lease for, is now going to become someone else’s. Remember that feeling when you first started setting up for your possessions and creating a homely space? Remember noticing how everything was clean and neat, and feeling grateful that you didn’t have to worry about cleaning?Well, that is exactly the feeling you want the next tenants to have when they move in. End of lease cleaning is highly important not only to the landlord, but also to the new residents, and will offer you a sense of closure and satisfaction when leaving the space in a respectable and well cared for manner.First and foremost, the best arrangement is to communicate with the landlord or real estate agent as to what their expectations are. You should not be required to clean or fix anything that wasn’t in a functioning state when you moved in. But open communication is vital to make the entire end of lease cleaning much easier for all. Hiring a professional or domestic cleaner with experience in end of tenancy cleaning may be advisable. Their expert techniques will save you considerable time and stress, particularly when it comes to carpet cleaning and other floor surfaces. Investing in this step will ensure that you do get your bond back, and that the carpets and floors are left in a highly respectable state. Contacting a cleaning agency or cleaning contractor is recommended for this.Take the time to dust meticulously around and behind appliances and furniture (in the event that large items are staying at the property). Removing dust particles will make the air fresh and allow the new tenants to settle comfortably. Clean bench surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom carefully and thoughtfully. Ensure that any build-up of mould and soap scum in the bathroom sink and shower (pay attention to around the taps and in the corners of the shower door) are removed effectively. Use a bicarbonate soda and water mixture, or baking soda mixed with water and vinegar, as this will prove to be a natural remedy that will easily shift any build-up. Spray in the affected areas and allow the mixture to sit for up to an hour. Any mould and scum will then efficiently be shifted with a cloth or paper towel. Wipe down with a damp cloth afterwards, and dry to avoid leaving any water stains or marks behind. Check inside appliances that are staying at the property. Clean the inside of the fridge and the oven thoroughly. Also pay attention to windows and mirrors as these may need a good cleaning. Look up high for cobwebs hiding in doorways and ceiling corners. What about the walls? Are there any stains or dirt marks visible? A warm water soaked cloth should remove these easily, and once dried the paint should look as good as new.Lastly, check the front door. This is the first impression of the property and you want it to be a good one when your landlord or agent is inspecting the end of tenancy clean! It is certainly a lot of effort and elbow grease involved in the end of lease cleaning process. But just as you are hoping for a clean and tidy house to move into, the future tenants of this dwelling are too. Put as much care and precision into your property as you hope the tenants of your next house are!

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