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I had spilled some bleach in the kitchen about a year ago and I had never been able to shift the stain. Feeling that it was time I took more serious action, I got in touch with Cleaners Shoreditch. They had been recommended to me by a friend and I was eager to see if they could help. They did indeed, as their cleaner shifted the stain very fast. I don't know how they did it, but I'm glad they did.
Ken Walters31/07/2015
I wanted a one-off cleaning before I moved into my new flat. I hired Cleaners Shoreditch as the girls I worked with were singing their praises and kept on about how great they were. Well, I called and booked a clean and yes, you guessed it, I also received a great service and at a good cost. The cleaners were wonderful and cleaned every part of the flat meticulously.
Gloria James14/07/2015
I have just received a great cleaning service on my upholstery in my office. ShoreditchCleaners sent a representative to access the situation. The sofa and chairs and curtains were getting dusty and needing freshening up. I was supplies with a quote that I thought was fair and a date. The work was done using steam and really made an instant difference. The upholstery looked wonderful when the cleaners had finished. My home smelt fresh and the furniture looked amazing.
Nelson Saunders24/11/2014
Cleaning at home is hard to find the time for and I hate it when my bedroom feels dusty and the bathroom is a mess. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on house cleaners but ShoreditchCleaners offer a cheap cleaning service that I can always count on when I need it. Just getting the simple cleaning jobs done makes a big difference to your home and this cleaning agency have done all of that for me and more. I am able to bring them in whenever I need to with no minimum obligation or anything like that.
There wasn't a chance I could have got my place clean for a guest coming without ShoreditchCleaners! I just wanted to leave a thank you as the cleaner really sorted things out and knew which things to do first unlike myself. I'll be taking a leaf out of the cleaning professionals book next time I have to do some cleaning! It was certainly an eye opener. The gentleman knew a lot of things I didn't and was good at what he did. For the price and convenience it was absolutely worth while! Not to mention learning something!
Onna L.23/10/2014
I need my house cleaning on a very regular basis as having a large family in a large home means a lot of mess all the time and there's never a spare minute in which to do the housework! That is why I use ShoreditchCleaners because I know they have a great local reputation and that they are also affordable. They do a great job week in and week out at my house and the place always looks great when they leave. The staff are really nice and knowledgeable and they are totally reliable. I recommend them!
Janine F.09/10/2014
I have to be honest: I hate cleaning the house. And there really is nothing I avoid more than kitchen cleaning. Between work and family and classes I hardly ever get time to clean and the kitchen gets so greasy and grimy so very quickly. I was speaking to my mum about the same the other day and she told me to try out ShoreditchCleaners. The cleaning company has a great general home cleaning service and they target specialised niches like the kitchen as well. The kitchen is sparkling and I can't believe I waited this long to hire cleaning contractors.
Emma G.19/09/2014
Choosing the right professional company is not an easy task, there's lots of thought that needs to go into it... Take my experiences as a prime example - I've needed to get a hold of a professional cleaner for a while now, because my job takes up too much of my free time. I hired about a half dozen, and each of them didn't quite meet my expectations. ShoreditchCleaners however, changed all that for the better! They did everything that I was expecting of them, plus some bonuses. They were cheap, easy to get along with, and did an all round fantastic job! There's not much more to say really, but I hope this anecdote has made your decision a little easier.
As a sales rep I travelled the country and wasn't at home much. But, when I did have time off the last thing I wanted to do was the house hold chores. I was given the number of a company my mum and dad used on a regular basis and were happy with. ShoreditchCleaners were as good as my parents had said. The cleaners arrived on time and with plenty of tools and cleaning products. They covered every little detail down to light switches and door knobs, under beds etc. The work they did was great, everywhere looked immaculate, thanks so much.
Eddie Hugger24/07/2014
When you are moving out of your flat the worst thing to contemplate is the cleaning, and when I looked inside my oven, and in all of the nooks and crannies around the house, the scale of the cleaning job really daunted on me. I knew I would never be able to do it all on my own, and after calling a few different companies I settled on ShoreditchCleaners because they were so friendly over the phone asking questions, and they also offered me the cheapest quote! I was astounded when I came home from work after their visit. I can't believe that more people don't know about this! I will certainly be using ShoreditchCleaners for my cleaning from now on!
Marlon Cole30/06/2014
My workplace is my pride and joy. However, one thing that I saw as a failure was the state of the office itself. Clutter, crumbs, mess and stains had cropped up over time and started to make things look unappealing. My staff and I would not be able to work to our full potential in such conditions and we wouldn't be able to impress staff, clients and more. I called up ShoreditchCleaners for help and they gave me everything I needed. I quickly hired their staff and they took care of everything making my workface spotless. I now hire them regularly to ensure that everything is always perfect.
June Karr20/06/2014
Got to say thanks to the guys at ShoreditchCleaners for helping to clean my home. I'd been putting off a big clean for a while now and I thought, that if I was going to get the best results, I might as well bring in some professional help. I had always thought that the idea of spring cleaning was a bit daft, but they managed to ensure that the house is cleaner than it's ever been. This means that all the cleaning I do now just instantly looks so much better. They made a big difference, thanks again for the help.
Martha Flores04/06/2014
Having had a few cleaners do my apartment, I am pleased to say I have stuck with ShoreditchCleaners for a while now, and will be doing so until they let me down! I hope that they do not do so, as they have been excellent so far, and it would be a shame and a waste to let something so annoying get in the way of such a good job! The place always looks great, and fit for entertaining, and I am never that bothered by the price, so a great working relationship all in all!
Jeremy Scott14/05/2014
Cannot praise the cleaners from ShoreditchCleaners highly enough, they have been cleaning my home for a number of years now and offer reliable, trustworthy professionals at a time and date that suits you. I have had no problems leaving keys or arranging for them to enter, and the work they do in my home is simply wonderful. I would never have time to live in a house that is this fantastic and I really appreciate it every time I come home from a tough day at work and I have absolutely no housework to do in the evenings and the weekends. If I need a special one off clean or a change of date they are always accommodating.
Rebecca Anderson08/04/2014
Having a two year old in the house is no joke. So I was less than impressed when I moved my sofa for a deep clean to find that my carpet no longer looked the way it did when I first purchased it. I hired a carpet cleaning service from ShoreditchCleaners and I have to say that I am amazed! I was expecting a cleaner carpet but they managed to transform my carpet into its original state. I couldn't even tell the difference from where the sofa had been. Not only did they clean my carpet, but they were also super friendly which made them a delight to be around.
Lesia Potter27/03/2014
I have to say, I never write these sorts of things, but I reckon it's a way of giving ShoreditchCleaners a hand with future business, and they really deserve it! I'm really very happy to endorse them to the fullest, and hope that my word extends beyond the service that they gave me! They will give you a great cleaning service with a smile, for a great price, so what more could you ask for? I'll be using them from now on, and am very happy that I have finally found a team who can meet my standards, whilst being completely affordable as well!
Danny C.05/03/2014
As a house share of five working professionals our house can tend to get a bit...messy. We all have busy lives, we all like to socialise and therefore the place tends to get neglected as a result. So one day last year we all sat down and decided to pay a little extra a month to have a weekly cleaner. We decided on ShoreditchCleaners, and their team now come once a week to spruce the place up. They do a phenomenal job and split five ways the fee is nominal. It is thoroughly worth it to live in a house that stays clean. Thanks ShoreditchCleaners!
A. Bishop30/01/2014
ShoreditchCleaners have handled our office cleaning contract for some time now, and I can't fault them. They are professional, discreet and flexible; everything you want from a service provider. They tend to clean when we are closed which is a huge bonus because it ensures that our staff are not distracted by the presence of a cleaner at any point. It also allows them to go about their business as they see fit, which obviously works well because our office is never anything other than immaculate! I have recommended to many other business associates, because their level of service is rare.
Rhodry Smith05/12/2013
In many ways, I am pretty good at cleaning my place, but every month or so, I like to get the cleaner in to do a bit of a once over. It keeps me confident that no spot has been missed, and ensures that i am not likely to let the standards of cleanliness in the house drop too far. ShoreditchCleaners have been my cleaner of choice for a while, mainly because they are rather cheap, and they always offer a replacement if the regular staff member cannot make it on the day that I need.
S. Marsden20/11/2013

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